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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


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Hi Simon
I am tying to get this to work, but keep getting an error getting weather data from Climate Server. Any ideas??

Peter Tranberg

Hi Peter,

I have not seen this error, I presume a location has been set in the project? Please email me a screenshot of the error and I'll investigate further.



Hi Simon
I has same error with Peter Tranberg
I capture the screen for you to help me
Link to the image:

Hope for your help...


I'm getting the same error.
I've tried changing to the default city and still no luck.




This is being caused by a known issue with non-decimal point separators being used by the Operating System. The development team are looking into it.



Thanks Simon,
I change my country in Operating System to USA and it's Ok :D.
Hope the development team will soon fix this problem

Great technology shared by you. I like to read such technological post. Thanks for sharing this one.

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